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Display of artificial flower composition in a large vase. Light pink roses with greenery


We personalise your special occasion with our special and distinctive artificial wedding flowers. We believe every detail counts from romantic decorations for entrances, church doors, pews, aisles and alters, to the bridal bouquet.



Brighten your offices, reception areas, and corporate events with a colourful, seasonal flower arrangement.

Freshen the neutral surroundings of a commercial colour scheme as you lift your spirits with our amazing artificial floral creations, plants or topiaries in decorative containers

Hanging baskets and wall gardens have become an ongoing request. Since working on SkyCity Casino in Auckland I realised everything can be achieved with my product. 

Large corporate arrangement in wooden container. Available for purchase
Artificial decor - bright red apples


Whether you give or receive the flower gift basket, you'll appreciate the unique and exquisite flower heads which seem to be saying "look at me, I am the most beautiful".
It is understandable if the receiver is left speechless.

We custom assemble each order for personalised gift baskets to reflect your specific taste.

*Delivery available locally

Large white Lillie arrangement in a large vase/ container. Available for purchase or alteration

Special Occasions

Express your feelings about the importance and the meaning of special events and occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, graduation, the first day on the job, or a housewarming, through flowers.

We will help you design and suit the age, interests, and tastes of the celebrant.


Sympathy  Tribute

Flowers are often the last gift from the living to the loved one, hence should reflect every aspect of the decease's lifestyle or character.

Cemetery arrangements remain attractive for at least 12 months.  Offer a lasting tribute from those unable to replenish fresh flowers on a regular basis - also favourite flowers and colours can be provided. 

Currently providing on an annual basis from Auckland to Invercargill

Decorative image of artificial pink Lillie available in the showroom for purchase
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